Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Silverlight slides & demo application from MsForge CodeCamp

I had a great pleasure to attend MsForge Code Camp in Belgrade (Serbia) and meet lots of cool IT folks. At the same time, I had an opportunity to talk about Silverlight & .NET RIA Services and demonstrate 2 simple Silverlight poll applications: one for managing polls and one for voting.
RIA Poll application for managing polls is available here (username: codecamp, pasword: codecamp).

Example of RIA Poll voting is available here.

Code can be found here - .NET Ria Service July Preview is required and web.config connection string needs to point to database which is in RiaPoll.Web/Data folder.
Presentation slides are available online here.

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  1. Like blureffect on loading poll !

    I'll look to your code :)


    Your blog is still one my favorite ! Keep posting ;)